How To Increase Your Brand Awareness and Encourage Brand Engagement

March 8, 2018



For any business, brand awareness and engagement is an important factor. Without this, your business will only expand as far as your current target market. In order to stay ahead of your competition, its of crucial importance to spend some time and allocate some of your marketing budget to brand awareness and engagement. Here are 5 ways to do just that.


Defining A Brand Activation

Before going ahead with any marketing campaign, it’s recommended you have a clear understanding of what it is you’re trying to achieve with the campaign. What is the campaign objective and how can you work towards it. A brand activation can be defined as being a process a marketing team goes through to make a brand well known, understood and enjoyed by all consumers.


The Benefits of Adding A Photo booth To Your Brand Activation

#1 Free Word of Mouth Advertising
Having a photo booth at your private event opens up a number of marketing opportunities for your brand. It can be considered to be free advertising as you’ll be able to add branding to the print. As people are prone to put these pictures up on display, friends and family viewing them can take your contact information off the picture and hire the photo booth for their event.


#2 The Opportunity To Partner up With Other Brands
Depending on the type of photo booth you go with, you can look at partnering up with other brands within your industry and run a joint campaign. If you’re able to partner with a well known brand, this exposes you to a much bigger target audience.

#3 Make Your Brand Stand Out From The Competition
Provide your target market with the opportunity to do something different when visiting a retail store that stocks your product, this is the perfect opportunity to put yourself a few steps ahead of your competition. Consumers are able to grab a few free pictures while doing their shopping.




Steps To Putting Together A Solid Brand Activation Plan

#1 Be Sure To Your Consumers Into Consideration
When putting your brand activation together, you ultimately need to define what it is you want consumers to do. Once you have defined this, you can closely align it with your budget and see if it’s realistic or not. If it’s realistic, you can move forward to the next step and define what it is you wanting to get out of doing this campaign and defining campaign performance metrics.

#2 Any Campaign Needs Metrics
How will you measure if your potential target market is responding positively to your brand activation if you aren’t tracking the campaign performance? Once you have defined these metrics, you’ll be able to put your plan in motion.

#3 Potential Leverage For Your Brand
If you’re planning on working with third parties during this brand activation, you should map all your opportunities. You’ll need to think beyond just a digital promotional mailer, or in store activation. These brand activations could open more opportunities for your business and its product offering.


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