Where the Virtual world meets real life


New for March 2021 we are very proud to bring you our latest edition. 

Following the popularity of our Propel Virtual Booth™ we've been preparing for an opening up of real-life events.. that day has arrived. 

A Photo Booth that brings together your event guests and virtual attendees.


How does it work?

1. Days before your wedding/party/event (or just on the actual day) you send out a link to all virtual attendees. A bit like this one. 

It will be fully customised and branded with your own images and photo frame and will be stored on our cloud server. 

2. On the actual day of the event our staff will arrive with a Print Station.  The staff will assist your guests on its mechanism, but its very easy... 

3. Just like your virtual guests, your real guests open the link from their cell phone (or scan a QR code) and starting snapping pics. 

4. The Print Station then pulls the images from the cloud onto its touchscreen where they can print theirs and the virtual guests images. Simple. 





3hrs R5500

4hrs R6500

comes with a member of staff, data connection and 72hrs of access to your Virtual Booth

LAUNCH SPECIAL: 20% OFF ALL BOOKINGS (confirmed and paid in full) UNTIL MAY 2021

all prices ex V.A.T. Please enquire if you require a longer hire period or custom quote.