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3 tips for hiring a Wedding photo booth

It can only go without saying that having a photo booth at your wedding is the perfect way to capture those uninhibited (ahem) moments. We've been been running photo booths at weddings for over 4 years now and the fun never gets old. We've seen it all and have a good idea of how you could and should maximise the booth at your wedding.

TIP: 1

Plan your schedule. We know so much planning has already gone into your wedding but we would encourage you to think thoughtfully (!) about the timing of your booth. Late night 10pm to 1am ? You gonna see some things your mind can't erase. 7pm to 10pm ? Now thats a nice sensible time, everyones had a drink or two and are nicely loosened up for the fun. Morning/afternoon slots we find bring their own delights; lots of photos of various family members all arranged nicely.. sometimes.

Of course, it all depends on your particular schedule. We can tailor our hire time package to suit you. For instance, if you'd like us to stop for 45 minutes for the speeches then we would highly encourage that. The fun will resume as soon as we see your finished.

TIP: 2

Location Location Location. Where you situate the photo booth at the venue has a BIG impact on its use. We generally find that the closer to the action the easier it is for your guests to use. The frequency with which they come back is also determined by things like, how close is it to their table, the bar and the dancefloor. We recommend keeping it in the main room if possible and not stuck out in an annex or side room. The.. shall we call them "shyer" ? guests will more likely join in when they can see everyone else having a great time.

TIP: 3

Which Photo Booth? As you may know, or not know? we offer a range of different photo booth to suit all your individual needs. see here.

The LED inflata-Booth is great for that big wow factor. In the evening it glows up all the different colours possible or can be set to one particular colour to suit your theme. It can also (weather permitting) be placed outside. We love it because of its size, which means that its amazing for capturing those large group shots not to mention the occasional photo bomber.

The Retro Selfie Pod is our latest addition; vintage wedding planners across the country are going mad for it. Designed in a traditional wood housing it comes with all the bells and whistles. Touchscreen monitor, DSLR camera and a beauty dish to highlight your guests in the best possible way.

The picture below was a custom green screen digital background we designed for Amber & Jim's wedding back in 2016.


Don't forget to get a turn in the booth! Believe it or not we see it happen sometimes that the happy couple never make it into one of our booths. The best way to do it is; get in early and just monopilise the booth for a few minutes. No one will mind as you swap poses with your loved ones and family members (are they the same thing?).

In conclusion: Its your wedding, you're understandably a very intelligent person as you've decided to book your wedding photo booth with 'Booth Nation'. Good call! Now sit back and relax and let us take care of the details :)

Are you looking for a Wedding planner in Cape Town? We highly recommend Cara from Mosaic Weddings.

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