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4 Reasons Why You Should Hire the Selfie Pod for Your Next Corporate Event

As you spend a large amount of money planning the perfect event for your brand, you want to get as much traction out of it as possible. Why not make your attendees do the work for you? Providing them with the Selfie Pod gives them the power to share their experiences. By doing this, you’re able to tap into unlimited social media reach you could never buy. Here are four other reasons why you should consider the selfie pod for your next corporate event.

#1 The Compact Size of The Selfie Pod

The more conventional photo booths are a lot bigger and bulky and do tend to take up a fair amount of space. The biggest benefit of the Selfie Pod is how compact it is. For most, having sufficient space to set up a photo booth is one of the bigger decisions when planning an event. The Selfie Pod allows you to set it up in virtually any space.

As the pod can be considered to be a slim line photo booth, the only additions you need for it will be the a backdrop for the scene. We can also supply you with a separate ipad sharing station should you wish to speed up the line at the Booth.

#2 Customise Your Branding

Even though the Selfie Pod is a lot smaller than the rest, you’re still able to add your branding to the photos. This is something you can work with the team at Boothnation to implement for your event. By doing this, you can almost guarantee free advertising for your brand as attendees upload it to their social media following.

#3 Make It More Convenient For Your Attendees

Although taking photos at an event is a lot of fun, if the photo booth is set up and provisioned for early in the event, by giving attendees the option of either uploading the pictures straight to their social media profiles or emailing them to their personal email addresses, you can make it more convenient for them.

This indirectly will result in there being less wastage when it comes to the photo paper or people not taking their photos with them. Attendees will also not have to fuss over their snaps and hold onto them for the duration of the event.

#4 Gather Some Customer Data

Of course, your attendees will need to consent to you using their personal information for future marketing activities but this is the perfect opportunity to either grow your database or just get updated customer information. The Selfie Pod has a built in survey function which can allow you to export the data from the booth to analyse at a later stage.

These are just four other reasons as to why you should be considering this for your event. If you’re still feeling uncertain about it, be sure to reach out to the team at Boothnation here. As we have worked with a number of well known brands such as Allan Gray, Microsoft, Truworths and the Clicks Group, to name a few, we’ll be able to address any concerns you might have.

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