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5 Tips to Help You Plan the Perfect Valentine's Day Themed Photo Booth

Planning a Valentine’s Day event couldn’t be anymore exciting knowing you going to have so much love and happiness surrounding you. When planning the entertainment for the evening, you shouldn’t forget about those people who might either be going out for the first time together or even friends looking to have a good time.

Having a photo booth at your event is one way you can help your guests avoid having any awkward moments. Here are five other ways in which you can prepare for your Valentine’s Day Dance:

#1 Have a Valentine’s Day Themed Photo Booth Backdrop

This will largely depend on the space you have available. When booking your photobooth you can request for the vendor to supply you with a valentine’s day backdrop for the booth. If you’re looking to have a simple design, you can look at having one or two hearts hanging in the background. The booth set up itself can be done in various colours representing Valentine’s Day.

#2 Supply Guests With Valentine’s Day Themed Props

Show your guests you’re willing to go the extra mile by giving them the option of having some Valentine’s Day themed props at the dance. This can be anything from hearts to glasses with hearts, red ties, cupid themed bow and arrow, red glitter lips or even mustaches. These are just some of the props you could provide.

#3 Add More Depth To The Photobooth By Including a Chair or Bench

This is one way to provide a more intimate experience for people making use of the photobooth. By having a red bench in the photobooth will allow for guests to either sit next to one another or have one person sit on the other person’s lap. If space is limited, you can look at having a bar stool in the photo booth where one person sits, while the other person stands.

#4 Ensure There Are Sufficient Snacks and Nibbles

This will largely be dependent on the type of event you’re having. Whether you’re supplying the food for the evening or asking guests to bring some snacks along with them, to keep to the theme of the dance, you can request they’re prepared in the shape of a heart.

#5 Decorating Your Venue

For some, going through the effort of decorating the venue to match the theme, might not be something they want to do. To ensure you aren’t going too over the top with your decorations, you could consider just adding a dash of red to the room with the flowers or balloons used in the venue. You could even look at offering guests a red welcome drink. Sometimes the simpler the decor, the better. With these few additions to the room in conjunction with a few lit candles, you’ll be sure to provide a romantic experience.

As you let your creativity take over, these are just five ways in which you can prepare for your Valentine’s Day event and provide your guests with an experience they’ll never forget.

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