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6 Photo Booth Prop Ideas to Consider for Your Photobooth

Trying to bring the fun factor to your event but not sure how to do it? Why not consider hiring a photo booth to capture some of the awesomeness from the event? Not only can you as well as the people attending the event get in on the fun but it provides for great stories later on.

Depending on the type of photo booth you hire and the party you're having, you’ll need to choose some props for the the booth. Not only will this give an extra flair to the photos being taken but also provides for great entertainment and laughter as attendees scramble to get their next prop before the timer runs out.

We have put together a list of some of the props you could consider for your photobooth:

#1 The Queen and King of The Night

If you’re looking for a way to make your attendees feel like royalty, then you should consider having a few crowns in your box of tricks at the photo booth. It’s recommended you choose plastic crowns as opposed to having cardboard ones as they’ll most likely be used by more than a handful of guests and you want to ensure you can capture as many kings and queens as you can throughout the duration of the booth being live.

#2 Have Some Sign Boards

These can range from premade boards to a blank chalkboard. By including this in your prop box, guest will be able to express themselves with more than just striking a pose. Albeit well wishes or a funny remark, having one or two sign boards can provide for a great giggle.

#3 Include Some Fake Weapons

As these are of the most popular props to make use of in a photobooth, be sure to include a few fake swords, toy guns and bow and arrows. Let your attendees bring out their rough side and snap a few pictures. However, it’s recommended to ensure you remind your guests to not get too passionate when they are in the photo booth to ensure nobody gets hurt!

#4 Bring Out The Sports Paraphernalia

As we all have a sports team we support, this is the perfect opportunity to give your attendees to recreate their hero’s favourite cricket shot or famous knockout punch. This’ll provide for great entertainment when you look at the picture to see if you held the pose for long enough.

#5 The Fancy Glasses

Not meant in the literal sense, glasses are known for being one of the most famous props to include at your photo booth. Albeit it big glasses, small glasses, glasses in the shape of beer cans or butterflies, you’re almost guaranteed to have at least one photo with each group of people going into the booth where someone is wearing a pair of glasses.

#6 The Miscellaneous Box of Tricks

Have you ever wondered how on earth something got included into a photo booth prop box? Well here is the perfect opportunity to include a few random items in your prop box. From animal heads to masks of presidents, handcuffs and bow ties these are just some of the items to include into the random pile.

The list is endless when it comes to choosing props for your photobooth. You can really let your creative juices flow when selecting props for your photobooth. If you’re hiring a photo booth from a company, be sure to ask if they are able to give you recommendations for props or if they are able to assist you by providing custom props.

At Booth Nation included in all our photo booth rentals is our standard prop box that contains a nice selection of hats, wigs, masks, signs, glasses etc...

Please enquire here if you a custom prop request!

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