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Understanding Photo Booth Terminology at Boothnation

With any industry, there is a wide variety of terminology which may not be familiar with. If you’re looking to hire a third party for a function, it would work to your advantage if you’re able to speak the lingo. This way it will look like you know what you’re talking about. We have worked across our product offering to create a list of some of the terminology you’ll need to know when booking your photo booth

Animated GIFS

The purpose of an animated gif is to take a whole host of pictures and convert them to this format. There is also the option of converting it to a boomerang. A boomerang picture can be described as being a super fast burst of images which are then converted into a mini video that plays in a reserve form. This can provide great entertainment for guests as they can make up different movements and have a good laugh.

The External Slideshow Monitor

This is as simple as it sounds. The external slideshow monitor is a screen placed at a strategic point outside the photo booth for other guests to view the photos taken. This provides the opportunity to put a loop on the photo slideshow that continues to display throughout the event.

Social Media Kiosk

The social media kiosk is a dedicated station set up for guests to upload their photos instantly to a number of predetermined social media applications. This kiosk can be used as an alternative to providing prints at the event.

Lip sync Feature

The lip sync feature is a new fun feature fast becoming popular in the photo booth industry. As not many photo booth companies offer this feature, its a great way to offer your guests the most memorable experience and will leave them talking for ages. With the lip sync feature, guests are able to pretend they are singing along to a song while they are being recorded.

Understanding Some of The Different Photo Booths

The Icandi Booth - This booth is known as being the original booth. As it takes the shape of an ordinary booth with a curtain you can draw closed when taking pictures, this can fit in perfectly with any event.

Inflata-Booths - These are blow up booths that have LED lights in them. The technological side of this photo booth is a lot more compact and less bulky. What makes this type of booth attractive is the ability change the LED colours to suit the theme of the event. It is also a lot more technologically advanced than the iCandi Booth with added social features.

Selfie Pods - This booth is set up as a slimline photobooth. Known as being a selfie pod, this type of booth is usually made use of in-store activations and promotions. Using this as part of brand awareness would be a great way to boost your presence.

Mini Pods - The mini photo booths are recommended for use in retail stores or even the restaurant industry. This provides gifts with a unique experience as they will be able to share their photos with their social media following almost instantly.

Curved Enclosed Booth - This photo booth is new to the family and its curved design allows for the external panels to be branded with each client’s company information or event information. With built in technology, you can instantly share your photos with friends and family.

Retro Selfie Pod - As the name describes, this photobooth is the most unique of them all. Shaped in a casing that looks like an antique camera, is great for any boho or vintage themed party.

Having a clear understanding of the terminology assists you in making the decision with regards to the type of photo booth you hire for you event. As there are a number of photo booths to choose from, you want to ensure you get the best value for money and the right type of booth.

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