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How to Plan the Perfect Photobooth Pose

Sending an RSVP for an event knowing there will be a photobooth has to be one of the most exciting things ever. This provides additional activities for event attendees to part take in during event formalities. It can also act as a great ice breaker. We have put together a list of some of those classic poses with a brief explanation of each one as well as a brief explanation to ensure how to master them.

Deciding Who to Take A Photo With

A picture really says 1000 words and to ensure you’re able to really capture those special moments with your loved ones or friends, you’ll need to spend some time deciding on who you’ll be taking photos with. Once you sort that out, you’ll be able to work out what poses you want to try at the event.

Practice Makes Perfect

The only way you can really prepare for an even like this is to practice. Get all your friends and family together and practice your photobooth poses you’re planning on trying. Not only will it make you ready for a picture perfect snap at the event but it will also provide for a great memory with friends and family as you look back at all your practice shots you did at home.

Practice Your Pose With Some Props

The photo booth will have all the fun props available for guests to make use of. When taking the photos, there isn’t much time between each photo to change props. Whoever you’re taking photos with will need to move swiftly in order to ensure you’re back in position for the next photo.

Some Photobooth Options To Think About

Photobooth Poses For Couples:

If you’re planning on taking a few pictures with your better half, be sure to give some of these poses a try when you’re in the booth:

Make a heart - You and your partner should each take a hand a make the shape of a heart in front of you. This can also be done right in front of the camera so it’s a close up of your faces.

Everyone loves a surprise kiss - Get your adrenaline pumping and as the timer is about to go off, go in for the surprise kiss. Not only will this make your partner giggle but you’ll have their reaction on film.

Give us a wink - You and your partner can both grab a prob and wink at the camera. This is more of a classic look to try but will never fail you.

Solo photo booth poses:

If you are feeling brave and want to take a few snaps of yourself, you can give some of these poses a go.

Cheers! - This might take some convincing as some of our photo booths don’t allow alcohol near the booth but depending on the set up, why not take a photo with your drink?

Same same but different - We have seen this one over and over again, where you literally take each picture with the exact same pose. For some reason, this pose is the funniest of the lot.

Having a photo booth at your event can offer so much entertainment not only for your guests but for the event organisers as well. When you finally have the chance to look back and reflect on the successes from the event, having the photo booth set up can definitely be one of them.

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