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The Benefits of Using A Photobooth in Your Marketing Strategy

Thanks to the many technological advancements we’re exposed to on a daily basis, the way in which businesses advertise their products and services are changing. Gone are the day when making use of just traditional advertising methods would work.

As the cost of traditional paper advertising has increased, businesses are looking for innovative ways to get their brand name out there. In order to stay ahead of your competition, here are some of the marketing benefits of hiring a photo booth for your next brand activation, store setup or corporate event.

Get Your Brand Out There

When planning a store activation, albeit short term, a photo booth can be custom designed to ensure it is aligned with your business’s brand guidelines. By working hand-in-hand with the photo booth specialists, you’ll be able to make sure that your brand is visible enough on the booth as well as the prints.

This is beneficial in both the short and the long run. Your brand becomes a part of the customer’s memory and once the picture is put up on their wall, has the opportunity to expose your brand to their family and friends. In essence, it becomes a timeless branded piece of memorabilia that people will put up in their homes or office and your business will start generating free advertising.

Boost Your Online Presence

By having a social media kiosk set up nearby the photobooth, your customers will be able to share their photos on the various social media platforms. This is great for word of mouth advertising and it indirectly creates further hype as customers will be sharing that there is a free photo booth at the store for the brand activation.

This tactic can be added to your digital marketing strategy as a way in which to get further exposure for the brand. This’ll increase your social following and may even end up in your business gaining a few more customers.

Gather Customer Information For Future Marketing Activities

Working hand in hand with having the social media kiosk, this is the perfect opportunity to ask customers to subscribe to your company newsletter. By doing this you are increasing your database to which you can send promotional information, competitions and any important information regarding the business.

As most businesses are always striving to reach a bigger target market, having the brand activations can be another method in which you trial new products and ask people for feedback on them at the activation. You can offer customers the opportunity to make use of the photobooth and receive their prints provided they’re willing to rate and review your product and service.

By incorporating a photo booth within your marketing strategy, you’re providing a unique marketing touch point not just for the company but for your customers as well. It becomes something that people will speak about for months to come. As not many brands have done this yet and it has been incorporated into corporate and private events, why make the first move and get ahead of your competition?

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