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Spice Up Your Event With Hashtag Printing

Having a photographer at you event can help you capture all the special and entertaining moments. In addition to this, whether it’s for a formal event such as a wedding or a corporate function, you always wanting to provide your guests with some sort of additional entertainment. If you are uncertain as to what you should use as the wow factor for your event, then you should consider making use of hashtag printing.

Let’s Take It Back To Basics… What’s A Hashtag?

A hashtag is any keyword that is used as part of an image, most commonly on instagram and twitter. Typically the hashtag will start with the pound symbol (#) and then your keyword. Creating a hashtag for your event will help organise all your pictures your guests take into one place and anyone that accesses by means of search of that hashtag will be able to view the pictures. This has become a common trend amongst corporate companies as well weddings.

Tell Me More About Hashtag Printing?

In order to have this at your event, you need to hire a photo booth that guests can make use of or printer software that picks up hashtag printing. Guests can then take photos either in the booth or on their own mobile devices and by using the correct hashtag, the pictures will be added to the queue and ready for you to select and print.

Sharing Your Hashtag At Your Event

As you want to start the hype for the event as early as possible, the hashtag you’re wanting to use for your event can be shared on the event invitation. People will be able to start posting images on social media using that hashtag as soon as they’re informed of it.

If you’re looking to remind your guests about your custom hashtag, you can look at having the hashtag printed onto napkins and also have it on display at your event. This can be done by setting up a feature wall with the hashtag on it and as prints become available, they can be put up for guests to view and even collect.

How Difficult Is it To Make Use Of?

Fortunately for any event organiser, the setup is fairly easy. The photo booth company will come in and do the full installation for you. Once the setup is complete, one of the photo booth operators will take you through how it all works for you to explain to your guests. There will however be someone on standby should you require assistance with the photo booth and to control the printing.

Offering So Much Convenience For Your Guests

With hashtag printing, you can capture as many special moments as you like and send them off to the printer there and then. This cuts the queue for the photobooth in half as most people want to continue enjoying themselves and not stand in a queue to use the booth.

Hashtag printing can also be described as being on demand printing, and it’s exactly that. Why not consider this for your next event and take your event photography to the next level.

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