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Introducing The GIF Photo Booth

people having fun with the GIF photo booth

GIF's are back in Fashion.. its official. Kind of like a video, but more like a photo mash up... they're GIF's! Heavily debated whether to be pronounced "GIF" or "JIF" the creators of the awesome animation effect are pretty adamant it's "JIF"

Regardless of this, we thought it was high time to unleash the GIF and his newer baby brother the 'Boomerang GIF' on the unsuspecting public of South Africa.

Booth Nation is hereby proud to inform you that we have incorporated this feature now into our photo booth software. Users can pose for 3-4 photos, illuminated under the brilliant light of our strobe flash. The GIF's can then be saved as a small video file and then uploaded to facebook, twitter, email and SMS. Oh, and yes of course they can be printed out in their original photographic format with your message and logo/images. What would a photo booth be without the actual printed photos I ask you ?!

All of GIF booths come loaded with studio quality lighting, DSLR cameras (you know the ones photographers use!) and event-end photo printers, 12 seconds to print those images of your beautiful mug. see here

This is just one of many of the new features we are rolling out this year. So far we've already introduced the LipSync 'singalong' booth. Think Karaoke meets Dubsmash! (if you're under the age of 20 you'll know what this is). The Retro Selfie Pod was launched in March, we pleased many a vintage wedding planners with that one : ) So whats next? We have an in-house tech guy who as I type is busy working on Whatsapp integration and facebook filters feature. All very exciting stuff and we will keep you posted.

Thanks for reading and feel free to leave any comments or enquiries below. Cheers, James.

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