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5 Tips For Choosing A Photobooth For Your Event

When planning events, it's so important to give your guests something memorable from the event. Albeit an experience or something they can take with them, the gesture goes a long way. If you choose to go with the option of hiring a photobooth for your event, you can offer your guests free prints of the photos they are taking.

Below you’ll find 5 tips to assist you in choosing the most appropriate photobooth for you event.

#1 Location Is Everything

If you’re booking your event venue knowing you’ll have a photo booth there, be sure to choose a venue that’ll be big enough for the booth to set up. If this is something you have decided after you have made a booking, the standard size of the booths are around 3m x 3m. This again will be dependent on the type of photo booth you select.

#2 Choosing The Type Of Photo Booth

Thanks to the many technological advancements, the way we know photobooths have changed! As there is now a large variety of photo booths, the technology can be adapted to fit the shell of the photo booth. At boothnation, the following booths are on offer:

● The inflatable booth ● Selfie pod 2.0 ● The mini photo booth pod ● Curved enclosed booth ● Retro styled photo booth

#3 Choosing Your Photo Booth Backdrop

Surprisingly enough, the backdrop is an important consideration to bare in mind when deciding on where you’ll be setting the photo booth up. You can choose if you want a backdrop with a custom background, an open air backdrop with the view in the background, or if you prefer the booth to be enclosed.

#4 Will Guests Be Standing or Sitting

This links very closely to where you set up your photobooth and how much space is available. To ensure a much smoother transition between each picture, having your guests stand when they take their picture is recommended. You can give guests the option to sit just as long as they’re a smaller group, and are willing not to use as many props. That way you’ll avoid any sort of injury!

#5 Hard Copies or Digital

This is a tough decision for most as you want to give guests the best of both worlds. Often there is a lot of wastage when it comes to prints as there sometimes can be a backlog in printing. Guests sometimes forget to come back for their prints and results in wastage printer paper and ink.

To avoid having this at your event, consider using a digital photobooth where guests can email the photos directly to themselves. That way, they don’t have to carry prints around throughout the event to avoid them getting damaged.

If you choose to go ahead and hire a photobooth, be sure to visit the boothnation website and check the available photo booths we have on offer. If you’re still undecided as to which one you should choose, you can get in touch with our team and they can clarify any additional concerns you might have.

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