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5 Photo Booth Options to Consider for Your Custom Photo Booth Backdrop

One of the best things about going to a function is getting some proper time at the photo booth. Of course there’ll be other incredible factors to the event such as the food, the people and everyone dressed to the nines but nothing beats getting the opportunity to capture some of your best memories with the ones you love.

If you’re looking to save some money on your function budget, you could explore the option of creating your own backdrop for your photobooth. Let those creative juices flow and give one of these backdrop options a try.

#1 The Romantic Backdrop

If you’re creating the backdrop for your wedding, you could consider a more romantic backdrop for your photo booth. Consider placing a couch in front of a wall of hanging flowers or fairy lights where guests will be able to sit for their poses. This can be placed in front of some sheer curtain to give a softer look and feel to the booth.

#2 The Rustic Photo Booth

Rustic themes have slowly started becoming a trend when it comes to wedding and party themes. If you’re considering this for your event, you can carry this theme through to the backdrop of your photo booth. Incorporate a wall of pallets decorated with one or two flower arrangements. If it's going to be used in the evening as well, you can also make use of the fairy lights.

#3 The Flashy Photo Booth

Nothing brings a party to life than a little bit of bling. When planning your photobooth, you can purchase some gold or silver foil curtains to put on your wall. In addition to this, you can include some star bunting across the wall with some gold and silver props for your guests.

#4 The Vintage Photo Booth

This photo booth backdrop can be extended to using painted doors on the side of where your guests will stand with one or two crates placed strategically in front of them with flowers. You could have some lace bunting running from the one door to the other. This would fit in nicely if you’re hosting a high tea event, or even your wedding.

#5 Photo of a Photo Booth

If you’re looking for a cost effective way of creating a few unique shots of your guests, consider getting the classic photo frame set up to use as your photo booth backdrop. Guests can hold up the wooden photo frame which is either branded with your wedding date and names or a unique hashtag for the event. Corporate Companies can use this type of backdrop to display their company name or even logo along with the logo.

These are just five photo booth options for you to consider when deciding on your DIY photo booth backdrop. The sky is really the limit when it comes to making anything from scratch so why not let those creative juices flow as you create a unique piece all your friends and family can enjoy at your event?

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