Boost your Brand in a Flash

Here at Booth Nation, we're not just about capturing moments - we're about exploring opportunities as well. If there's a fun, fresh, fabulous way of using a photo booth to create a stir, we'll search for it. And by far one of our favourite finds is branding. Picture it - a photo booth installed at your activation, promotion, event or campaign. But not just any photo booth - one specifically tailored to your needs, bearing your company's branding, and giving your audience something to remember long after they've smiled for the camera. It's not just a photo booth, it's a talking point, and it's one designed to give your brand the awareness and the impact it deserves. Because who doesn't love a

Why hire a Photo Booth for your event?

There’s nothing better than a printed photo of you and your friends that you can hold on to and look back at in years to come. What’s even better is if it’s from an event you were all celebrating like a wedding, a milestone birthday or attending your favourite festival! A photo booth adds that something special to your event. You may think that everyone has a photo booth at their event and you don’t need one, but trust us, everyone loves them and that’s why they’re so popular! People love having their photos taken professionally (we use only the best studio quality lighting) and they get to take such a cool nostalgic photo strip memory of your event with them! When it comes to choosing the p

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