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Why hire a Photo Booth for your event?

There’s nothing better than a printed photo of you and your friends that you can hold on to and look back at in years to come. What’s even better is if it’s from an event you were all celebrating like a wedding, a milestone birthday or attending your favourite festival!

A photo booth adds that something special to your event. You may think that everyone has a photo booth at their event and you don’t need one, but trust us, everyone loves them and that’s why they’re so popular!

People love having their photos taken professionally (we use only the best studio quality lighting) and they get to take such a cool nostalgic photo strip memory of your event with them!

When it comes to choosing the perfect type of Booth for your event, you don’t have to settle with the simple traditional set up. You can choose from a variety of options including our LED Inflata-Booth, the Retro Selfie Pod and our flagship model Selfie Pod V.2.0

Our photo booth operators are always well presented and dressed in a simple black outfit, but if your event is a themed event, like a roaring 1960’s disco or an elegant black tie affair, our operators are happy to join in and come dressed for the occasion.

During the event some of your guests might seem a little shy to first use the photo booth but don’t worry, they simply need to get comfortable with it and learn how to use it. That’s where our friendly and hands-on operator comes in!

The operator at your event will ensure that your friends and family are well informed of how the photo booth works while encouraging them to relax, have fun and even use some props in their photos. Free modelling advice and making sure everyone is showing off their best sides is of course part of the job.

If you’re wondering if photo booths are only for adults, they’re not. Kids love them and often have more fun than the adults having their photos taken and playing with the props. There’s nothing more special than having a photo booth at your birthday party. Please enquire here if you’re interested in hiring a photo booth for your childrens party, depending on the timing we are happy to offer discount for afternoon events.

The cherry on the top is when you (the event organiser) receives all the photos taken of your guests after the event. We’ll even create a Facebook album for your event on our page where we will upload all the photos and your guests can share and save them.

So what are you waiting for? Have a look at our website and give us a call or send us an email for a personalised quote. We look forward to seeing you at your event!

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