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The Boomerang Booth – a Photo Booth with a difference!

On 29 June 2017, one of Cape Town’s favourite radio stations, KFM, celebrated its rebranding with a huge bash at their HQ in Cape Town; Drinks, excitement and laughter – too much fun! As it turns out, KFM’s bright new logo wasn’t the only centre of attention on the night. That’s because it shared the spotlight with another hugely popular party guest – the Booth Nation Selfie Pod!

Of course, this wasn’t any ordinary night. So we didn’t give them any ordinary Selfie Pod. Instead, we installed our newly launched feature upgrade the ‘Boomerang’ Booth. It’s a GIF with a difference!

Take a look at how it all went down

As you can see, it was a night to remember. And not just because everyone had their Boomerangs emailed to them for ultimate social media envy – but because when you give people something new and different, they remember it. Just as they remember the brand that gave it to them. Yours.

So what’s so special about our animated Boomerang Photo Booth? Well, for starters it’s right there in the name. Boomerang. First of all, it doesn’t just take ordinary Photo Booth snaps (although it does that brilliantly too if you want). It creates animated video files, these can then be uploaded to social media, email and SMS. Pretty cool huh?

But at Booth Nation, we do things a little differently. Because we don’t just do Photo Booths and Selfie Pods. No, we like to take things one step further. Not just photos, not just animated GIFs, but boomerangs as well – another first for South Africa, and brought to you by Booth Nation.

Based on the wildfire success of the Instagram Boomerang, an app that takes a series of photos and plays them forwards and backwards as a mini video.

They are the ultimate in Photo Booth entertainment, and a guaranteed way to get your brand noticed, and your event remembered.

As they say; a picture tells a thousand words… times that by 10 and you have the Boomerang!

Just like our animated GIFs, our boomerangs can be uploaded onto social media or sent via email or SMS, looped in a never ending sequence that’s bound to get your brand noticed.

Intrigued yet? Then you’ll be glad to know we don’t just do style, we do substance as well. Book one of our GIF or Boomerang Booths and you’ll be assured of a Selfie Pod with studio-quality lighting, state-of-the-art professional DSLR cameras, front and back touchscreen monitors, 4G capability, instant social uploads and event-end photo printers too.

Brand your Photo Booth, your photos, your GIFs, your boomerangs, and give your guests a keepsake that’s part brand messaging, part entertainment, and wholly memorable.

Our recent KFM activation was a huge success, and your next event could be too. All it takes is a little help from Booth Nation. Because Photo Booths are about more than just pictures and videos. They’re about engaging your guests and your customers, giving them an experience that’s both addictive and immersive at the same time, and allowing them to connect with your brand, product or service in a way that’s completely unique, and completely unforgettable.

Click here for more information on our Selfie Pods.

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